All Star Pet Resort Rates

Daycare Rates
We offer several membership packages for doggie daycare. The platinum package offers 20 sessions and costs $310.00. The Gold Membership offers 10 sessions at a cost of $220.00. The Silver Membership offers 5 sessions for $120.00. All of the daycare packages expire at the end of the month that they are purchased. A daily daycare session is also available at a cost of $27.00 per session.You now have the option to fill out the Doggie Daycare Contract by clicking  HERE.

Boarding Rates

Boarding in our standard runs is $30.00 per day. MVP Jr. Suite is $32.00 per day and our MVP Suite is $ 42.00 per day. A $13.00 fee is added for each additional dog in the same run from the same family. Cat boarding rate is $16.00. You now have the option to fill out the Boarding Contract by clicking  HERE.

Dog Park Rates
$30.00 per month. Yearly rates $150. 00, A discount of 50% is available for the second dog, $75 and a third dog from the same family is an additional $35. A membership will only be given for a maximum of 3 dogs from the same family. Dogs that live together daily are considered to be from the same family. You now have the option to fill out the Dog Park Contract by clicking  HERE.

Full service grooming is available by appointment. Grooming prices vary. Bathing is also available starting at $25.00. Nail clipping and ear cleaning are included with a bathing or grooming appointment. The following additional services are offered by our groomer : toothbrushing, nail grinding, and furminator deshedding.